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Discover new ways to optimise and innovate your Salesforce instance. For a limited time, we’re offering shorter engagement commitments for our award-winning Managed Services solution.

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Simplus is now offering an innovative way to optimise and maximise your organisation’s Salesforce instance. For a limited time, our award-winning Managed Services team is offering Salesforce quick wins solutions to transform the utilisation of your Salesforce instance in as little as four months.

How it Works

With four key features, partnering with Simplus to optimise your Salesforce instance has never been easier.

Complimentary Client Onboarding: Your knowledge transfer and client workshop fees are waived.

Built-In Org Health Evaluation: We’ll evaluate your technical debt, backlog, and Salesforce org to determine the quickest path to results.

Quick Start = Quick Wins: Benefit from a technology assessment against existing tools to inform best-in-class future state architecture that will both support and enhance your platform.

Small Initial Commitment: Flexible four-month engagements provide your team access to award winning Managed Services solutions tailored to your needs.

Do more, faster with Salesforce Managed Services Quick Wins


If sales wants to see customer orders, it’s done. If the service team wants to see what was bought online, it’s done. Your teams have never worked better together before.


Simplus is skilled in MuleSoft and a trusted partner. We can integrate various systems and vital data so it all comes together in your Salesforce org.


Integrating all of your data means you see more of your customer. Understand what your customer’s habits, wants, and trends are with proper integration.

Choose the Support You Need

Our Silver offering sets the groundwork to optimise your Salesforce org.

Examples may include:

  • Break/fix quick wins
  • Lightning readiness and technical debt assessments
  • Data deduplication
  • Process Builder optimisation
  • Business analysis
  • Seasonal releases
  • Service level agreements
  • Release and sandbox management
  • Enhancements

Upgrade to Gold which offers all of the benefits of Silver plus additional support and optimisation.

Examples may include:

  • Integrations: Outlook, DocuSign
  • Data security evaluation
  • CPQ advanced approvals

Our all inclusive top-tier offering provides the most comprehensive oversight of your Salesforce instance.

Examples may include:

  • Salesforce org merges and Lightning migrations
  • Codebase cleanup
  • Release process automation
  • Data archival and cleanse
  • Integration endpoint updates
  • Apex/Visual Force
  • Change Management/User Training

The Simplus Difference

Find out why Simplus Managed Services is the #1 solution for supporting and enhancing your Salesforce instance to grow your business.

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